O’Hair Plantation Shutters

Nothing But Shutters is an authorized provider of O’Hair Customs™, the industry leader in custom crafted genuine American hardwood plantation shutters, proudly serving the Fort Worth area.

Every individual panel is custom milled, assembled and finished specifically for your order. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation O’Hair’s expert colormaster will custom blend perfectly matched paint or stain, working from your existing trim. The finish is then applied in carefully controlled conditions to achieve a hue, luster and depth of radiosity that precisely matches your existing decor.

Our installation method integrates the finished shutters with such precision that they provide the exclusive look of master planning, making you the envy of your Fort Worth neighbors.

O’Hair Shutters’ are backed by their transferable warranty that is good for the life of your home, * not just the homeowner. What’s more, your investment in O’Hair custom shutters adds to the equity of your Fort Worth home.

  • Precise architectural tailoring
  • Expertly matched finishes
  • Genuine American quality









Precisely Tailored

For the look of master planning, O’Hair Wood Plantation Shutters are custom built for each individual installation. They feature an exclusive profile system that provides perfect integration with the architectural details of your home and our exclusive online design system provides previews of the finished result.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental responsibility is very important to us. Our manufactures take into account the impact that their decisions have on the world. The timber for Ohairs wood plantation shutters is harvested using sustainable forestry and responsible conservation practices on family-owned land. The beautiful and extremely durable finishes create only a tiny fraction of the environmental footprint of traditional paints. Our plantation shutters provide light control that saves on overall cooling costs and all-wood construction combined with extremely light-tight designs means they have better insulating qualities than competing products. In addition to transforming your surroundings with the elegance, richness and natural beauty of genuine wood, they combine the qualities of energy savings and environmental responsibility.

Expertly Matched

Shutter stains and paints are custom matched to existing trim using spectrophotometer instrumentation. Stains are blended by a certified

colormaster and applied to our Grainselect™ surface, a computer-controlled selection of wood that ensures uniform grain and color, resulting in natural finishes of unparalleled beauty.

Superior Warranty

The Homeowners Transferable Limited Warranty guarantees your plantation shutters for the life of the home, not just for the original owner. In addition, O’Hair Plantation Shutters are warranted against minor damage by pets, children and other sources. No other manufacturer’s warranty is as long lasting or as comprehensive.

Made in the USA

Constructed from genuine American hardwoods,our shutters are built in America. The lumber is harvested following the principles of sustainable forestry and our time-honored methods of wood seasoning, edge-gluing, and precision joinery result in shutters built to last for the life of your home.

O’Hair Plantation Shutters provide a form of light control that saves on cooling costs and, as they feature all-wood construction combined with extremely light-tight designs, they have better insulating qualities than competing products. Not only do they transform your surroundings with the beauty, elegance and richness of genuine wood, but they combine the qualities of energy savings and environmental responsibility.